About Doneo

Doneo LLC is a South Korean technology company headquartered in Seoul, specialized in designing, developing and implementing security solutions. The company was founded by Doneo Team, a group of network security specialists with a vision to create security solutions that reduce the dependence for local security software for internet users by centralizing internet security at the network and/or ISP levels.

In the year 2013, with the vision of creating a new security solution, Doneo started its project which named CMTPS. CMTPS (Cloud-base Multi-engine Threat Prevention System) is a cloud-base security solution that unlike traditional local security solutions -such as antivirus software- checks the whole data before receiving by clients in a cloud-base environment with multiple threat detection engines simultaneously. Therefore it prevents every doubtful and infected data to be received from internet by its users.

In October 2015, Doneo for the first time brought the safety of the CMTPS system to all individual clients through a simple VPN connection by creating Doneo Castle.

Security In Large-Scale

Beside the services that Doneo provides for end-users this company has two main plans for data centers, ISPs, enterprise and medium sized networks. CMTPS operates for all these along with firewalls and is compatible with already existing network security appliances. The client’s current network security solution can be included in the CMTPS system in order to offer more effective results. In the large scale Doneo provides the safety of the CMTPS system through one of these two methods: Interactive or Implementational.