Doneo Castle

In October 2015, Doneo for the first time brought the safety of the CMTPS system by creating Doneo Castle. It is a cloud-base security solution for individual clients around the world who connect to it via a VPN connection that surely has no process on their device. Its core is a CMTPS (Cloud-base Multi-engine Threat Prevention System) that uses multiple antivirus software as threat detection mechanism simultaneously to make sure that the data received by the client are as safe and virus-free as possible.

Doneo Castle’s defending method is to prevent before infection. It means that malwares and viruses at the very begging of their sabotage are banned to enter the device through scanning at the cloud level by Doneo Castle. Doneo clients can access to its cloud by means of a simple VPN connection named as Doneo Bridge. Using Doneo Bridge has zero process on devices so there will be no decrease of speed and function of device operation and they can freely enjoy the safe internet thorough.

Doneo Castle’s main focus lies in providing an effective alternative to traditional antivirus software given the many problems they present for users. Antivirus software to this very day still use the same first generation algorithm which requires a constant, and incomplete, data list that the software uses to check all individual files on a computer against the list. The issue with this type of software is that, given the constant evolution of viruses and other malwares, those lists are never complete and hence provide new viruses with a breach they can use to invade computers. The other problem is that antivirus software are mutually incompatible making thus impossible to run multiple ones on a single computer. To top all of the afore mentioned facts antivirus, software eat up a lot of your computer speed and function those that could more effectively used by computer users. Doneo Castle provides a cloud-base security service that is able to run multiple antivirus software at the same time. This enables clients to be able to run their machines more effectively knowing their use of the internet is safe without the necessity of installing antivirus software. The Doneo Castle service is available for any platforms and devices that support VPN technology and is extremely easy to use. All clients are required to do is to create a VPN connection to the Doneo servers by using Doneo Bridge.

Also Doneo Castle clients can access to their own dashboard named “My Chamber” through a simple login and see their personal statistics and reports that Doneo Castle provides them concerning the result of scanning requested files. At the “My Chamber” there are other facilities like the consumption amount graph, subscription renewal and subscription gift giving.